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Alrighty then, having just witnessed interviews with random participants in an anti-war-in-Afganistan march in Montreal, I've been inspired to top-off the event by pulling a random figure our of my be-hind. Here it is:

Nine-tenths of political protesters don't know anything about what they're protesting about. Oh, they have opinions, that's for sure; opinions out the wazoo. But, as a wise man once observed, "Opinions are like assholes; every-body is likely to have at least one."

Okay folks, here's the deal: if you're going to go out and start pressuring your government, community or society to make drastic changes in its political actions or conduct within a highly dangerous political sphere, at least try, try to extricate yourself from your own preconceptions long enough to get a realistic grasp of what's actually going on. No, relying on conspiracy theories or simplistic rules of thumb doesn't count. And, while we're at it, cultivating a jaded, angry air about politics doesn't count as political sophistication -- it turns you into a dumbass. Worse yet, acting politically from a jaded, angry spirit will often result in you acting like a douche-bag.

Simple observation: acting based on a stunted opinion of reality is the same as acting stupidly. Acting stupidly in dangerous, life-or-death situations is a Bad Thing, and bloody irresponsible.

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