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I'm fighting to stay awake here -- a dry cough kept me up half of last night. I did finally buy a commonbook today though. I'd thought that I would end up getting a Moleskin, particularly since it was recommended by the Professor, but I couldn't find one of the right size and price -- they were going for $20.95 at the Coop Bookstore. Instead, I ended-up picking-up a rather nice, unmarked & unbranded, French faux-leatherbound notebook at Omer DeSerres. I'd meant to start copying-in passages from Aesculus' Agammenon tonight, but my drowsy brain really doesn't seem to be up to the task of writing commentaries; this inspite of the the two Tibetan Chai teas and Imperial Melange coffee that I've had today.

In any event, I've come a bit closer to finishing my graduate-school applications by having sent-out or printed copies of my work and so-forth. Additionally, I believe that most of the reference letters from Professor's M.P, H.H, and J.M. have been sent-off. The only snag is that I'll also have get a hold of copies of my official transcript. This will be a bit difficult, since the Registrar's Office refuses to hand over documents to students with outstanding debts to the University.

As it is, I still owe a whopping $****.** to the University.

That's quite a bit more than I can afford to stick on my credit card. :-.

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