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(This is a handful of aphorisms taken from Simone Weil's "Waiting on God" for the purposes of studying her influence on George Grant and his particular interpretation of Plato and of Christian faith. I'm fairly certain that I had more notes than this at one point...)


i) "...nature is at the mercy of the blind play of mechanical necessities." [p.63]
ii) "God created through love and for love. God did not create anything except love itself and the means to love." [p.66]
iii) "A blind mechanism, heedless of degrees of spiritual perfection, continually tosses men about and throws some of them at the foot of the Cross." [p.66]
iv) "It is his Providence that God has willed that necessity should be like a blind mechanism." [p.67]
v) "If the mechanism were not blind, there would not be any affliction." [p.67]
vi) "Only blind necessity can throw man to the extreme point of distance, right next to the Cross." [p.67]
vii) "If we examine human society and souls closely and with real attention, we see that wherever the virtue of supernatural light is absent, everything is obedient to mechanical laws as blind and exact as the laws of gravitation." [p.70]
viii) "If we transport our hearts beyond ourselves... What seemed to be necessity becomes obedience." [p.70]
ix) "The only choice given to man, as intelligent and free creatures, is to desire obedience or not to desire it." [p.71]
x) "If he desires it, he will still be subject to mechanical necessity, but a new necessity is added to it, a necessity constituted by laws belonging to supernatural things." [p.71]
xi) "Extreme affliction constitutes the nail. The point is applied at the very center of the soul. The head of the nail is all the necessity [of all space and time]." [p.75]
xii) "Affliction is a marvel of divine technique." [p.75]

(Waiting on God) Platonism, Augustinianism

i) "Sin is not a distance, it is a turning of our gaze in the wrong direction." [p.67]
ii) "It rests with them to keep or not to keep their eyes turned towards God through all the jolting [of necessity]." [p.67]
iii) "When, however, a man turns away from God, he simply gives himself up to the law of gravity." [p.69-70]
iv) "It is only necessary to know that love is a direction, and not a state of the soul." [p.75]
v) On "the preparatory loves (veiled loves) which precede the love of the bride for her husband" (compare w. Plato's Symposium) [p.76-77]

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