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Erg. I had been intending to visit the Shambhala Center this evening at 19h, and spend a much needed hour minding my breath, but a case of Voegelin-induced fatigue rendered that inadvisable. I'd earlier decided to damn the literature review, and finish composing the theoretical section of my thesis introduction by the end of the week, which has meant burning the proverbial candle at both ends. The sticking point, at the moment, has been making sure that I have a clear conception of how E.V. is employing the symbol of "the Beyond" with respect to the rest of the symbolic complex which he uses to circumscribe the experience of transcendence.

To accomplish that, I spent two or three hours at the GSA (Graduate Student Association) lounge, cross-tracking the language which he uses to describe such things as "luminosity" and "It-reality" in Volume 5 of Order and History, against his usage in the "Structures in Consciousness" presentation given in Toronto in 1978. After putting my time in on that, I then decided to make my life easier by translating Voegelin-speak into the slightly easier vocabulary of Polanyi. Long story short, after having worried myself after talking with Professor Poirier, and re-reading the "SoC" that I hadn't understood what E.V. was getting at (only because the Professor's approach and way of describing the matter was very different from my own), I'm now rather sure that I'd been on the right track. Voegelin does seem to me to be some new sort of post-Kantian, phenomenological thinker, unique unto himself. He's definitely not a Platonic or Peripatetic thinker, though he's obviously deeply indebted to both Plato and Aristotle -- he's very obviously being selective about which insights he borrows and which he sets aside.

In any event, reading week begins on Friday, and I'll be taking a French-comprehension exit-exam before leaving. I'm not sure if I actually need to take it, but neither does anyone in the office, so I'm figuring that I'm better off being safe than sorry. With any luck, I'll get back to Montreal early enough for the Dove and I to go out dancing. I also feel the need to check-up on V.B. and M.G. when I get back into town, as well as my family. 'Might check-up on M.O'C. if I get the chance as well; I haven't heard hide nor hair of her in a while. M.S. and M.A. are also on the list.

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