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Next up: Aristotle.

One down, one to go.

Edit: And now it's over. Lecturing to the (half-)full auditorium of undergraduates went pretty well considering the four or five hours of preparation time which I'd had the previous evening. 'Received some pleased (and spontaneous) remarks from some of the students, which I'd take as a good sign that I'd managed to communicate something to them. At this point, it ought to be sufficiently clear that Aristotle's attempted to define the boundary between the oikos and polis proper, and thus between economy and politics, the styles of "ruling" which characterize each, and his linking of politics with virtue (arete).

The (second half) of the (one-and-a-half hours, total) presentation on Eccleasiazusae and Republic, book V, for Prof. Darby's Ph.D. course went off without a hitch as well. Didn't quite manage to get into the matter of form, time, and the experience of the eternal as it expresses itself in the two texts, though. I made some sort of misstep along the path, and the logos ended-up in a nearby cul-de-sac. :shrug:

'Very tired at this point. But, I've a meeting with Prof. Emberley and Prof. Weber tomorrow, which I'll hopefully be rested for.

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