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That was the approximate cry which was heard at 12h, by neighbours to the icy alley-way behind my apartement building, when - while walking my mother's ever-annoying canines - I slipt, and twisted my left ankle into a position which really should not be physically possible. A 170-degree, clockwise twist of the foot is rather uncomfortable, and human feet really aught not to be capable of facing exactly backwards.

Now then, I've always had a fairly respectable threshhold for pain - I can usually take a hockey-stick to the head, hike up a mountain on blistered feet, or have a large, spring-loaded excercise contraption nail my person in a Very Uncomfortable Place with 'nary more than a bit of swearing under my breath. But, bloody mother of a putrid hell!, that hurt like a goddamn sonova sadist! No crunching sounds were heard during the incident, but it seems that I may have sprained some tendons, and the foot certainly won't hold any weight. So, it seems that I'll be asking my father for a lift to the emergency room, in order to see if I need to have a cast made.

Hmmmmm, I don't think that I'll be actively teaching dance on Saturday. Or next week. Or possibly next month. If I go by M.G.'s experience (she suffered nearly the same injury after a "trip" down a flight of stairs), it could be several months before I'm able to dance.... We shall surely see.


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Feb. 17th, 2006 02:45 am (UTC)
It seems your hearing was a little off...
..you may not of heard 'crack'...but..
..oh lord...it's 'CAST' time...SORRYYYYYYY
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