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My sole statement on the ongoing political debacle to the South:

In a book, titled Hitler and the Germans, the philosopher and political scientist Eric Voegelin, echoing Karl Krauss, lambasted several different cohorts of the self-styled intellectual class for creating and perpetuating the conditions in which men like Hitler and Goebbels could flourish. First were political scientists, who’s neo-Kantian, positivistic philosophy dissolved common sense, eschewed the very notion of wisdom, and forbid any inquiries into such “un-scientific” matters of classical philosophy such as “virtues” or “values” and their evaluation. This made them and their students, at, best, useless for understanding the disaster underway, and, at worst, slavish servants of whatever status-quo or “value” happened to be imposed on society. Second were the media, who’s turn to yellow-journalism had steadily encouraged factions and militancy, and had degraded the German language into a mountainous patina of opaque non-sense words, pertaining to nothing of substance, obscuring essential affairs, and providing no one with the basic intellectual tools necessary for clear thought about reality. Third was the self-styled intellectuals, men such as Heidegger, Hegel, Marx, and their endless stream of epigones, whose overweening hubris, libidinous love of their own cleverness, and monumental egos, drove them to self-consciously dismantle and poison the intellectual and spiritual heritage of their society in order to clear the way for their own “final philosophies” and the effort to magically summon a final advent in the shape of their own fantasies. Fourth was the acquiescence of the majority of the German churches to the profane intellectual and spiritual culture of the times, and their effective abandonment of the Gospels and of the entire classical and medieval philosophic heritage.

German society was, as Voegelin put it in a different tome, a fish that had rotted from the head. Not a populist revolt, not a disaster heaped upon Germany by an uneducated underclass, but the monumental stupidity of the established middle- and upper-class elites over two generations destroyed the substance of German society.

If any of this sounds terribly unfamiliar, then, gentle reader, you’ve lived a blessedly isolated life on an island, or a cave, far removed.

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