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Channeling Tommy

I've been out dancing twice in the last two days - once at "Cat's Corner", and once for the purpose of tutoring at the University; it all comes in advance of the events of "Swing Été" and the Jazz Fest. During the course of Friday night, I danced with both V.B. and J-A.L., 'all without killing myself or re-breaking anything. Despite all of the possibilities, my movements seem as smooth as they've ever been, though I'm still noticeably weak on my left side and get tired fairly quickly.

I did see A.M. during that night and we seemed okay with each-other, though our interaction with was kept at the level of pleasant pleasantries. C.N. has also started being casually cordial to me again, now that I'm no longer associated (associating?) with his ex; people can be goofy sometimes.

As for teaching, I think that I may need to spend some time performing a mental review of dance technique; I've a bit too much information in my head that is purely tacid in nature, which makes it difficult to verbalize clear instructions. This isn't much of a problem when teaching someone to follow - it's usually preferable to physically demonstrate an experience than too simply verbalize it - but it will be a bit of an issue when dealing with more than one person. Particularly since I've completely forgotten how to do the "Texas Tommy"; which isn't to say that I can't perform the move - I just can't recall how the hell I did it afterwards. :-P


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