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The following is a list of free, outdoor shows at this year's Jazz Fest that are particularly worth one's time if you happen to be interested in dancing, you can read descriptions of the artists and listen to music samples here:

Performer(s) - potential dance style(s)
Alex Bellegarde - balboa, east-coast swing, lindy
Amalgama - east-coast swing, latin, lindy
Amparanoia - east-coast swing, latin, lindy
Bombolesse - latin, lindy, west-coast swing
Bourbon Street - balboa, charleston, east-coast swing, lindy
Chantal Chamberland - east-coast swing, lindy
Dany Rood - blues, east-coast swing, lindy
Dawn Tyler Watson's Blues Project - blues, east-coast swing, lindy
Demi Evans - blues, lindy
Deny's Dixieland Clan - balboa, charleston, east-coast swing, lindy
Florence K - latin, lindy
Follow Follow - balboa, east-coast swing, lindy
Glamour Puss - blues, east-coast swing, jive, lindy
Goran Bregovia et son Orchestre des Marriages et des Enterrments - balboa, charelston, east-coast swing, lindy
Harry Humura - blues, lindy, west-coast swing
Hot Toddy - blues, east-coast swing, lindy(?)
Jim Zeller, Carl Tremblay, and Jimmy James - blues, east-coast swing, lindy
John Campbellejohn Trio - blues, lindy(?)
John Jorgenson - balboa, east-coast swing, lindy
Jtadi - balboa, east-coast, lindy
Le Dixieband - balboa, charleston, east-coast swing, lindy
L'Esprit de Nouvelle Orleans - balboa, charleston, east-coast swing, lindy
Lubo Alexandrov Kaba Horo - balboa, east-coast, lindy
Manouche - balboa, charelston, lindy
Marc Parent & Wang Dand Doodle - blues, east-coast swing, jive, lindy
Mark de Clive-Lowe - west-coast swing
Mike Goudreau - blues, east-coast swing, lindy
Mississippi Heat - blues, east-coast swing, lindy(?)
Mother - balboa, charelston, east-coast swing(?)
New Cool Collective - blues, latin, lindy, west-coast swing
Nikki - east-coast swing, lindy(?)
Pat the White - blues, east-coast swing, lindy
Peppino d'Agostino and Stef Burns - east-coast swing, lindy, west-coast swing
Pyeng Threadgill - balboa, east-coast swing, lindy
Richard Whiteman Trio - balboa, east-coast swing, lindy
Riot and His Rythm Devils - blues, east-coast swing, lindy
Roxanne Potvin - blues, east-coast swing, lindy
Sekouba Bambino - lindy, latin
Sr. Mandril - blues, west-coast swing
Sue Foley - blues, east-coast swing, lindy
Sweetdixie - balboa, charleston, east-coast swing, lindy
Swing Tonique - east-coast swing, lindy
Tumi and The Volume - blues, west-coast swing
Zingaro - balboa, charelston, lindy

Note that this list is not comprehensive; there are a number of bands playing this year with which I'm not familiar, and which didn't supply audio-samples for the Festival site. It should also be known that the music-styles of the listed performers varies greatly, including everything from blues and R&B, to swing-jazz, dixieland, ragtime, gypsy-jazz, hard-bop, cool-jazz, nujazz, and jazz-fusion.

Furthermore, the potential dance styles column is only a list of styles one might potentially dance while listening to a particular concert, and is reasoned soley through my experience. However, since there's no practical way for me to know what particular songs a band might play during a particular set, there's no way of knowing what one might actually be able to dance at a given performance.

Finally, keep in mind that what I might consider danceable may vary wildly from your own conceptions; most swing dancers that I know, for instance, don't dance to hard-bop or nujazz, but there are at least a couple of such bands in the list; I advise consulting the official list of performers in order to make your own judgements.


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