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"The Eclipse Of Reality"

(excerpt from "The Eclipse of Reality" by Eric Voegelin...)

"(1) When imaginators of Second Realities proceed to act on their imaginative assumptions and try to make the world of common experience conform to their respective dreams, the areas of friction with reality will rapidly increase in number and size.

(2) As the world of common experience can be eclipsed but not abolished, it will resist its deformation and, in its turn, force the imaginators to revise their Second Realities. Imaginative projecting will not be given up as senseless, but specific projects will be changed in detail or replaced by new ones. During the period under discussion, revisionism is a common phenomenon, caused by the refusal to dissolve the contracted self and to stop projecting.

(3) When conflicts with reality compel revisions with some frequency over a period, the activity of projecting can pass from a phase of comparatively naive indulgence to one of a more critical occupation with the standards of projects. For a Second Reality must, on the one hand, satisfy the requirements of the contracted self and, on the other hand, contain enough uneclipsed reality not to he ignored as a crackpot scheme by the contemporaries. There is a remarkable advance from the comparative loose anthropologies and philosophies of history of the eighteenth century to the tight interlocking of Hegel's Phaenomenologie, Logik, Philosophie des Rechts, and Philosophie der Geschichte,

(4) When a more or less stable balance between the contracted self and satisfactory Second Realities has been achieved - as it has by the work of Comte, Hegel, and Marx - the interest can shift from the construction of further Second Realities to the problems of deformation. The twilight mode of existence can become an independent field of study..."


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Feb. 5th, 2007 03:44 pm (UTC)
And that independent field of study can assert, like the Second Realities it studies, that it occupies the field of study entirely, and that those outside of it aren't dealing with "reality."

Thanks for the reminder.
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