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A Friday to swoon for.

Last night (Friday) was our Second Annual Blue Christmas dance, which went off without any major hitches; we made a slight profit, and no one set fire to the place.

The dance itself was set at La Sala Rossa at 4848 St. Laurent; a decent venue with a big floor, a low rental price, any a great Spanish restaurant downstairs. The only caveats? The floor could stand to be stripped and re-finished, the bar can be gussied-up a bit, and one of the ceiling fans is secured in a fashion that is best described as precarious.

The principle team behind planning the event were F.N, V.B, M.G, J.M, K.L, and myself. Our DJs for the night were Karrwright, Danny-O, and M.G, all of whom did a pretty good job of keeping people on the dance floor. When they weren't at work, Bharath and His Rhythm Four layed-out the blues, and earned their keep -- mixtures of Chicago, Arkansas, and jump found their way through their chords, and found refuge in an appreciative audience. Zack & Maryse of Studio SwingConnexion provided a one-hour introductory at the beginning of the night that certainly looked good (though I didn't have time to participate in it) and contributed a gift for the best-dressed cat on the floor -- a prize that somehow went to J.M, who was dressed-up as Jake Blues. Remarkably, I failed to convince the other hundred or so individuals in the room that the good J.M. is as homely as mule's backside on the best of days, but I suppose there's no accounting for taste. :-)

Anywho, nobody got hurt (that I know of), F.S and his girlfriend A.N. made it to the party in spite of the continued harrasement he's receiving from the feds, and neither F.N, V.B, nor M.G. totally lost themselves in a panic attack, though it seemed to me that there might be some close moments. Also, none of them jumped Bharath, or otherwise swooned. ;-7

(Some pictures should be up on the http://www.montrealjasscoop.com sometime soon.)

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