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America watching.

While watching a bit of brief coverage of the Presidential primary elections south of the border, I noted that a few interesting words and phrases were bandied about with regards to Republican candidate John McCain. Now, I admit it might be a bit much to expect much of the political discourse that gallops past most people's lips, but I found expressions like "traitor to the cause", and "doesn't reflect my values" to be quite... something. The very idea of a conservative "cause" is a bit... gnostic? Millenarian? Stupid? All of the above perhaps. And the idea of a political leader "reflecting my values"? Are Republican delegates channeling Rousseau all of a sudden? So much for hating the French! Heck, so much for higher standards of right and wrong; it seems that man is suddenly the measure of all things.

Put those two trains of thought together (the cause + reflects my values) and a weird sort of mewling creature emerges that more and more resembles the illegitimate love-child of Hegel and John Knox, paired with the unhallowed mitochondria of Thomas Hobbes. I expect the Spirit to descend upon Ann Coulter any time now on (inter)national television; we'll see her take on gigantic proportions and her flesh turn a deathly grey as she sprouts Cthulu-esque appendages from a double-hinged jaw. Then she'll eat an Archbishop in front of a live studio audience.

It'll happen; just you wait and see!

Ann Coulter as high-priest of the lower planes

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