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Personal info is stupid, but what the hell.

The mystery that is me:

I have a kid. Sort of. 'Kinda. In a "depends on how you define these things" type of way.

Anywho, that would be Fiona.

Grand total number of people outside my very immediate family who I've discussed this with == 1; Jas, and that conversation didn't get very far.

Twelve years-old on January 7th, and I haven't seen her since she was nine. On that last occasion, she hid from me while I had a final confrontation with her mother outside the door of the second-floor duplex, which ended with an attempt to shove my person down a cheap, granite stairwell. The time before that was the morning after her mother snuck a fellow back into the house under the miasma of 3AM bar-fumes & wine vapours, to swap oral gratuities and loud grunts under the cover of house-music ripped off of Kazaa.

So, yeah, I have a kid. Kinda'. Sorta'. I didn't contribute to her making - only took care of her from the time roughly after she learnt to wipe her own bottom (thank goodness for small favours) - though her mother & I attended high-school in the same rotten back-end of nowhere highschool.

Kinda' sorta'. But what's a little semen here or there?

'Aye, Christmas is ever that time of year...


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Dec. 23rd, 2005 03:08 pm (UTC)
I always suspected as much, after I saw you reading that book on girls last year.

"He must be dating a single mother." T'was my first reaction.

This explains the reference you made to almost being pushed down a flight of stairs. Glad to know I'm not the only person who's ever been involved in messy relationships where people try to kill you.

Personal information isn't stupid. If anything, you're far too reticent about these things. Can't imagine you getting close to anyone if you never tell them about yourself ;)
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