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Buddhaghosa & Voegelin

I've made some bit of headway with the Visuddhimagga recently. While in the cafe with Dove, I spent time taking notes on the sections concerned with concentration (meditation), and ended by completing the section on Breathing as an object of meditation, thus adding it to the notes I'd already taken on Meditation with the Earth kasina as object. I'm amazed at the level of focus that would have been necessary to write this book. The Visuddhimagga is at essence a commentary on the Pali Canon -- the basic scriptures of Thevavadan Buddhism -- but that description belies the work; the Canon consists of several dozen volumes written in various forms of prose and poetry. The attention to minute details of exegesis is evident when the authour spends paragraphs, or even pages, interpreting individual words about which one would not even suspect questioning would be needed.

Today, I began to jot-down notes on Voegelin's O&HvII: The World of the Polis; specifically analyzing Voegelin's analysis of Homer's Illiad. It's quite interesting what he was able to pull out of the story of the wrath of Achilles, but I'll have to spend some time interpreting it in light of my own readings.

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