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Now that's funny!

I definetly have to say that receiving a long, argumentative letter in my personal e-mail box -- one which began with the golden words "I'm intelligent and educated" -- has been the highlight of my day so far. Fortunately for my colleagues, few of them sit close enough to my desk to have heard me choking on a chuckle (as it were).

Honestly, could you ask for a better straight-line? As the old joke goes, "If you have to announce that you're intelligent and educated, you're probably neither!"; I think that they also say some similar about announcing that you're the Emperor of France or wearing clothes... I think that some of the bluster went out of the sails when I wrote back that it might have taken a lot less time to simply write, "I misunderstood what you meant by X; I didn't really mean to say Y", than to compose a complete self-apologetic. Hopefully someone somewhere will have learnt Something Very Important from all of this silliness, 'cause I sure as heck didn't!

Ah well, that was defintely the stupidest argument I've been sucked into this week, but at least it had a good punchline. Maybe next someone will want to pick a fight about cornbread or hood ornaments. ;-P

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