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Carleton, inbox

On Saturday my father & I made the trip from Montreal to Ottawa, after bidding good-bye to The Dove and making absolutely certain that I hadn't forgotten anything important in the apartment (which of course I did anyways). Miraculously, perhaps by the intervention of some army of Cherubim, astral devas or forest pixies, my giant desk chair didn't go flying off of the roof of the car while we were zooming down highway 40. I did, however, manage to drop an entire box of loose donuts behind the driver's side seat shortly after crossing the border. So much for friendly forest pixies.

Two hours after arriving at the Leeds Residence of Carleton University, the unloading was done, I, along with other new residents, was given the Standard Speech as to the Official Policy regarding the Conspicuous Consumption of Illegal Substances and the Setting of Open Fires in Residence, and my dad was set for the drive back to Montreal. One hug and a pat on the back later, we were on our separate paths -- he to take care of the dogs before they destroyed his apartment floor, and I to unpack and prepare for classes and T.A. orientation.

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