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September orientation.

My course-books have been purchased, and the pile includes a far greater amount of Nietzsche than I ever would have felt inspired to purchase of my own volition. It also comes with the unexpected addition of yet another translation of Plato's Republic -- this time the Bloom addition -- which brings my collection up to five, including translations by Jowett, Griffith, Grube, and Leroux (French edition). Two more editions and I'll need to dedicate an entire shelf to one authour, for The Pile also includes another translation of The Last Days of Socrates -- the West & West translation of Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, and Aristophanes' Clouds.

(You know, when I eventually start adding ancient Greek editions to my collection, my bookshelf is going to start to look rather ridiculous...)

I've also received my T.A. assignment for the semester as well, which will be to tutor and correct papers for an undergraduate public-policy & administration course in liberal political-theory. The course syllabus includes work in Locke, Rousseau, Burke, and Rawls, which ought to make the whole thing a bit more interesting, seeing as I've only paid much attention to two of those authours; Enlightenment-era philosophy was never a great interest of mine.

Other than that, I've accumulated the requisite number of new drinking buddies, and plan to to check-out the local dance-scene later on tonight and this weekend; I'm curious to see what the locals get up-to after the sun goes down...!

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