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To Hell with Facebook.

Alright: I was never a dedicated fan of Facebook before, but I really have to congradulate the team behind the new Facebook. Before, I found it much to easy to find my applications. Often was the time when I would be whittling away the few moments between engagement, whistfully daydreaming of how much I would enjoy the challenge of hunting furiously every damn time I need to access an app. Thank you for responding to my unspoken fantasies!

Furthermore, thank-you for finally taking care of all of those nasty, unused CPU cycles that I used have. I'd often said to myself: "If only someone could come-up with a bloated SOAP app; one with such horrendously over-engineered and such slap-dash Javascript coding that it actually is less responsive than running Microsoft Vista in software emulation on an Apple II; one so badly made that it actually makes all the other webpages I'm visiting unresponsive; one that actually makes it impossible to type or to check my e-mail in a seperate window; then finally I wouldn't have to worry about my system ever being able to idle again." -- thank-you for fulfilling this heart-felt craving!

Lastly: Thank-you, thank-you so much, for proving to web-programmers, computer companies, and the world entire that it is in fact possible to design a website so bloated and slow that it could actually be used to justify the purchase of an entirely new computer. We were all much a-feared that web-apps would bring the age of planned obsolescence to an end. Thank-you for proving that, where there's a will, and a highly payed software engineer, there's a way to make ever a Viper run like a two-wheeled Gremlin.

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