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Foreign residency.

Hmmmm. Having now, with the end of the holidays, had time to actually think about things, I've actually had the opportunity to think about The Graduate Problem. It's doesn't look as if I'll have much trouble completing my Master's degree over the next year-and-a-half, and it also looks as if I'll be able to make ends meet, financially speaking. I'm finding, however, that I'm faced with a problem with regards to my Doctorate: most PhD programs in my, or related, fields seem to have multi-year residency requirements, which would thus require a multi-year stint away from home, with all of the sacrifices of my personal life that such would entail. The conundrum is compounded by the fact that there are only two English-language universities in Montreal where I might reasonably study. I graduated from one, Concordia, which potentially leaves only McGill as a viable option: most dept's in Canada apparently "look down" on graduates who've dallied at one, Canadian institution for more than one degree.

Which brings-up the Canadian Academia Problem. Apparently, when the issues of hiring academics comes up, Canadian political science depts have a tendency to favour post-grads with degrees from American universities over those from their own institutions (which is quite the display of faith in one's work...). The idea of moving to the U.S. does not appeal to me much at all (except possibly for Hawaii, which seems to have an active theological discourse going on between Christians and Buddhists, something which interests me, or Boston, which is a city I genuinely like). I've no family or roots in the U.S. at all, and I'm getting a bit too old and crusty to pass-off a five-year move to a foreign country as a grand adventure. I'd probably sooner mover to Ireland, where I'd at least be near kin. 'Bloody expensive though, and a 'bloody long way off. The Dove mightn't be too thrilled either.

'Tis a conundrum.

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