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Loan dodge.

Dodged a bullet today: I had thought that there was a very good chance of my student-loan being cut-off as a consequence of my present salary as a T.A, and past salary as an accounts-receivable/payable gopher over the Summer (gross income: ~$8000 in 2008, net income: -$2000 after expenses). Fortunately, my loan and bursary were only reduced by half, and not completely cut; otherwise, there would have been no way to make ends meet without either a second job or a successful bank robbery. Since the bank-job won't be necessary, I'll instead pack most of the loan away in order to cover my living expenses over the Summer, and give me the time to get my thesis organized.

In other good-news, the fifty-five day-old Ottawa public-transport strike is over, which means that I'll be able to have a life off of campus again. I'll give it a week though, just to give people the time to work-out their pent-up frustrations with the prodigal bus-drivers -- I don't feel any need to get into the middle of that...

Edit:I spoke too soon; my account has been frozen because they seem to have lost my paperwork again. The same paperwork which they acknowledged receiving yesterday. Good grief...

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