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T.As & Arithmetic

Ugh. My T.A. union's membership has apparently voted in favour of the contract offer from the University administration by a vote of 66%. I find that rather stupid, given that it means giving-up our tuition-fee freeze. Now, in exchange for a 6% wage increase over two years, the University can jack-up our tuition fees with every new generation of students. So, essentially, we've voted for a wage-increase that can be clawed-back by tuition-fee increases. I'm already paying all of my wages and scholarship to the University + $3000, in order to cover tuition, fees, books, food, and residence (note that I didn't even mention transportation), and my fees are indexed to 2005 levels. Now, the person who gets my job in a year-and-a-half can expect to be even deeper in the hole.

This is probably the stupidest decision that I've been party to in a while. I'd have sooner taken an offer with a wage-freeze and a continued tuition freeze, simply because that would mean that the financial situation of teaching-assistants wouldn't get worse. The decision, made a few weeks ago, not to give the union a strike-mandate was nearly as dumb, but at least understandable, given the specter of the unending strike underway at York U, and the remarkable fact that the CUPE 4600 execs didn't think to let members know that there was guaranteed strike-pay.

This though, is just plain brainless; you'd expect that graduate students could at least do math.

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