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Art, Aristotle, and Arendt

The last three days have seen my time spent doing my duty to the Art of Politics exhibit in CarletonU's Fenn Lounge, which included two days of acting as greeter and security guard. The upside to that is that it gave me plenty of time to type-up my essay on Arendt's The Human Condition, which ended-up as an Aristotelian reading of her phenomenology of work and process... Which turned-out to be way too long!

I'd originally written the whole thing out the old-fashioned way -- by putting pen to paper -- for the reason that carrying around a laptop and then staring at it for hours can be an annoyance. I'd figured that one handwritten page would equal about two-thirds of a typed page.

That estimate way waaaay off.

As it happens, my handwriting is small, and I did most of my writing on the back of un-lined scrap paper. Apparently, I can fit a lot of writing into a single page; every page that I inked ended as four of the type-written variety. And four-times the assigned page-limit. Ooops.

Well, hopefully, the imaginative formatting that I implemented will go over with the Prof....

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