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Israel & Revelation

I'm currently in the process of reading Eric Voegelin's Order & History, v.1: Israel and Revelation which is both first in a five-part series and third of the umpteen-odd books on history and political theory which I need to cover over the Summer. The next four volumes of the series are The World of the Polis, Plato and Aristotle, The Ecumenic Age, and In Search of Order, to which I need to add certain sections of Livy's History of Rome (those which deal with the Macedonian Wars and such), Polybius, and Ptolemy; the first volume of Hannah Arendt's Life of the Mind; and a certain book by Eugene Webb by the name of The Philosopher's of Consciousness, which includes sections on both Voegelin and Polanyi.

In more personal news, I'm living off of my savings while waiting impatiently to see if either the federal or provincial gov'ts will invite me to at least sit for an interview at any of the dozens and dozens of positions which they're filling for the Summer. So far, not a thing. Annoying, but, unfortunately, they work on a "don't call us, we'll call you" system, and I'm hideously overqualified for most of the other student jobs available in Montreal (i.e. working at Subway).


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Jun. 25th, 2009 12:14 pm (UTC)
Yep, student economics suck. At least you get to the exciting reading!

Just one caution. Reading Voegelin can have one disastrous side effect. His style is terrible, and you don't want to imitate it. May I suggest a pocket volume of poetry while you're waiting for that interview? J.V. Cunningham, Timothy Steele, E. A. Robinson, Robert Frost, Louise Bogan, Janet Lewis, Yvor Winters, W. H. Auden, Richard Wilbur, Philip Larkin, Edgar Bowers, X. J. Kennedy, and Thom Gunn make up a quick tour of poets you hang your hat on -- with enough breadth to change a mood now and again.

I'll be interested in your reaction to Web after you've read Voegelin.
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