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Unedited nonsense.

It was a longer week than usual... In spite of picking-up a virus from Dove last week, I recovered in time to make my appointment with M.S. He arrived at Place-des-Artes dressed in a tux and a bolar-hat for the apparent reason that he had a date at a sports bar later in the evening -- a date which he was trying not to take too seriously. He's doing relatively well; still plotting to destroy the world, and swearing-off the dating of strippers, all the while planning to move to the lower Plateau area.

I've finished typing-up most of my notes for the last year, and am over a hundred pages into the third volume of Order and History. In the past week, together with my father, I paid a visit to my mother's grave on Mont-Royal. My sister is also getting along in her pregnancy with soon-to-be-expected son G.C-V. It also seems that I've received my student loan, which will make it possible to pay Dove the back rent which I owe her, and pay-off most of my debts to the University for the past semester.

Tonight, we'll be going out to the Griffintown Cafe for coffee before paying a visit to Cat's Corner, thereby putting a cap on my second-to-last Friday in Montreal.

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