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Sleeping in Ottawa

As of noon of yesterday, September 5th of 2009, I am once again ensconced with a University residence located deep within the Dominion's capital. Bemusingly, in spite of the sheer bulk of brick-a-brack which my father helped to transport here, I managed to forget to include the same three items which I'd forgotten last year: a pillow, a towel, and an Ethernet cable. This occurred despite all empirical evidence suggesting that I own two pillows, five towels, and at least fifty-meters of CAT-5 cable. I did, however, manage to bring two computers and ten kilograms worth of Platonic dialogues and commentaries, which, I'm sure, clearly demonstrates something about how my awareness functions.

In the run-up to the big move, the Dove and I spent more than a fair share of time out on the town. We enjoyed dinner with my sister and brother-in-law at Allo Inde near the corner of Stanley & St. Catherine O. in mid-week, visited the McCord Museum to partake of their exhibit on the history of the Irish in Montreal and the story of Norman Bethune (a Montreal doctor who's considered a national hero in China, and, perhaps to some extent, in Spain), and sat down for a nice Italian dinner at Bocci's in LaSalle.

Not much else to say except that the change will take some getting used to. It's an odd thing to sleep alone after becoming habituated to someone else's presence: an experience made all the more physical when attempting to sleep without a pillow!

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