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Responsible Beauty.

I need to find an adoptive home for Beauty, my beautiful, nearly elderly, long-haired, tortoise-shell feline. She's been living with my father while I've been buggered-off to grad school, but the forces of circumstance have created a situation; his landlord is pressuring him to get rid of all the animals in the apartment (which includes two of my late mother's dogs, Anastasia and Alexander, and one of my sister's cats, Tiffy, as well as Beauty), his significant other is allergic to cats, and his frequent travels make it difficult to take care of pets. Two cats, and the younger dog are set to be shipped-out.

I'm... very unhappy with the situation. But, I won't likely be in a situation to take her back any time before the Summer of next year, while the pressure is towards an immediate solution. I think that I was half-hoping that, when my dad took the soon-to-be adopted pets to be vaccinated, Beauty would somehow prove to be to old for her shots, thus making her unworthy of placement with an adoption service, and throwing a spanner in the gears of necessity for a brief bit...

I hate it when I screw-up my responsibilities to others.

"A deep, a saving counsel here there needs-
An eye that like a diver to the depth
Of dark perplexity can pass and see,
Undizzied, unconfused." -- Aeschylus, "The Supplicants"

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