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The most wonderous thing has happened; my aquaintence, S.B., has turned into an Englishwoman. The reality of the transformation struck me last night, as I changed my footwear in the halls that lead into the proto-world of "Cat's Corner". Through those chambers echoed the words & instructions of one who was a stranger to me, one who led several platoons of assorted, "would-be" dancers through the rythms of east-coast swing. This was unusual, as I was - and am - largely familiar with most of the swing-dance instructors in Montreal.

When I broke open the portal to that place, I then learned something to my utter shock. The leader of this ragged band, and the owner of the unidentified voice - one that hinted strongly of the grasses & flowers of the English countryside - was none-other than S.B. - francophone Québecoise extraordinaire.

It seems that as a result of her recent marriage to notable Englishman R.M., and the expected leaps in their associated time together, S.B. has undergone changes in her vocal accent. Rather lilting or subtlely hightening the note of her vowels when speaking the language of Shakespeare in the usual franco-Québecois style, it now seems that she drops a note or half-step with each "ee" or "oo" in a properly Elizabethan fashion.

'Bloody interesting stuff! But, if she starts eating boiled meat with a side-dish of brain & kidney pie, her friends might see need to worry a little. :-)


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Jan. 8th, 2006 11:51 pm (UTC)

you're one weird cat.

Also - why not just call them by their names? ;)

I doubt Selina Beauchemain and Raoul Mononoke would be that offended if they knew you were writing about them :P
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