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Massively belated monthly wrap-up, pt.3...

In other news, I'm slowly getting used to my new reading glasses, which have been instrumental in my not getting piercing headaches after two or more hours of reading. Now, I only get headaches when I try to look at things more than three feet from my face while wearing my glasses! All-in-all, it's a good thing, since I'm having to do four or five hours of reading every day just to get by. As it is, I haven't left the university campus in nearly a month (except for groceries) and I'm still behind. On the upside, my T.A. class has finally moved past the Bible segment of the course, and moved on to St. Augustine. Since I'm already reading Augustine for my reading course with Prof. Emberley, it's a pretty convenient situation. Having, for the sake of teaching, to take time-off from my own reading in order to review the Gospels and the Epistles of St. Paul was definitely not an ideal situation.

At the moment, I'm thirteen books into Augustine's City of God, and a little over one-hundred and fifty pages into Volume IV of Voegelin's Order & History. In the meantime, I'm due to submit some sort of reflection paper on Voegelin and Michael Oakeshott, as well as one on the aforementioned Bishop of Hippo. I haven't really got an idea of what to write regarding the first topic -- I've got some vague interest in looking into Oakeshott's equation of poetic imagining with contemplation, and his presentation of contemplation as the activity of "delighting" -- and my thoughts on the second have me trying to parse-out the significance of the different doctrines of the Trinity which were adopted by the Eastern and Western churches...

Yeahhhhh... So I'll be thinking about Trinitarianism all weekend. If anyone wants to pop-in and shoot me at any time, please feel free! ;-)

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