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Beginning and Beyond

It's nearing the witching hour on Monday night, and the day's weather has taken a turn for the queer; in these latitudes, it doesn't usually rain in January. This week marks the last one spent tutoring discussion groups on Hobbes, and the beginning of at least a week on Locke's Second Treatise of Government. The size of the groups has fallen quite a bit, along with the general attendance of the course. Compared with the three-hundred or so who were registered at the beginning of the school year, we've got about one-hundred and ninety registered (in theory). I've about twelve to thirteen students attending each discussion group at this point, which is down from the initial twenty or so.

I spent the Xmas break in Montreal with Dove, and we got to spend quite a bit of that time in the East End, housesitting, catsitting, and dogsitting at my Dad's satellite TV-equipped apartment. That proved to be a pretty good turn, given the migraines which D. was (and has been) coping with; it made sticking around the house a pretty enjoyable experience overall, circumstances notwithstanding. 'Spent Xmas itself with D's sister's family, which also a good time; we ended-up watching "Inglorious Basterds" on Xmas Eve, which is the first Brad Pitt movie which I can recall ending with Hitler being shot in the face with an machine gun, though I could be wrong.

'Didn't get too much work done over the holiday break, though I did finish volume IV of Order & History, and get a third of the way into volume V. I've spent the last two weeks gathering historical materials for my thesis, entering the useful bits into the old, electronic computing device, and attempting to come-up with a satisfactory outline and introduction to my thesis. Finding the mythological texts which trace the developments in Egyptian thought is proving to be a bit easier than straightening-out the theoretical questions, and Voegelin's own language. Over the next few days, I'll be making an attempt to find a full and clear way to explain the symbols of the Beginning and the Beyond, which can be shoehorned into two or three pages.

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