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Histories of history.

"'Must... start... lit-review..."

Two out of three subsections of my thesis introduction are done, which leaves the short (and highly annoying) literature review to be composed. In a few pages, I'll be needing to present an encapsulated overview of the Egyptian experience of time and history, as respectively proposed by John A. Wilson, Henri Frankfort, Jan Assmann, and Eric Voegelin. I'm drawing closer to a clear idea of how to structure said section, but I haven't yet put pen to paper.

In the mean time, I was forced to engage in a bit of a snipe chase over the issue of the contents and origins of the Palermo Stone. Varying sources on the inter-web were claiming varying dates, ranging from the 5th Dynasty to the 25th, and from 2150 to 500B.C. To boot, said sources didn't agree with whether the stone listed various gods and demigods of the Egyptian pantheon as primordial Pharaohs or not. If it had listed them as such, and it had been inscribed in the 5th Dynasty, that would have radically changed the complexion of Egyptian history. In essence, it would have implied that the Egyptian experience of time was explicitly linear (much like the Hebrew experience) and engaged in historiogenesis from an early date... as early as the Old Kingdom. Of course, as it turned out, the snipe was but a snipe; some of the sources seem to have been mixing up the contents of the Palermo Stone with those of the Turin King List, and Manetho's Aegyptica. The Stone is indeed old, but the contents are not as radical as those lists from the Late and Ptolemaic Periods.

'Also need to remember to call M.O'C.

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