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Lachine and the Eumene

I'm currently staying in Lachine, housesitting for my father, whose paying a visit to his old stomping grounds in New Brunswick. At the moment, I'm sitting across the street from the Lachine Canal and the St. Lawrence River, and overhearing a sizable choir of bullfrogs. While the apartment is locate farther from Ville-Marie than I usually prefer -- far enough to make commuting a chore -- I've found the late-night walks along the water conducive to contemplation. And, at the moment, I've considerable contemplatin' to do. I've been in the process of figuring out what Voegelin's work on the Ecumenic Age brings to bear with regards to the final days of Egypt, and its forays into multi-civilizational empire. That's necessitated figuring out and memorizing Voegelin's own analysis of the phenomena of ecumene, spiritual and concupisential exodus, ecumenic and universal religions.

The (supposedly) salient points which have drilled themselves home:

  1. The need to subdivide the ecumene into cultural, pragmatic, and jurisdictional ecumenes.

  2. The explicit recognition within the noetic experience of Hellas of a "comprehensive reality (read: cosmos) which moves/is moved in the direction of eminent reality (read: some sort of Beyond, either immanent or transcendent).

    1. Note: That the comprehensive reality comprehends both apeiron and the "things" which issue forth from it. Neither can be supposed to be a "subject" which is somehow free or exempt from the process of reality which comprehends it.

  3. That both "exodus and conquest" are recognizable as "symbolic enterprises of participation in the directional flux of reality".

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