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Your student fees have been freed! Negotiations with the university regarding a fee agreement resumed late last week and continued throughout the weekend. This morning, the GSA Board of Directors voted to ratify an agreement that was reached over the weekend. A few highlights from the agreement:

The Agreement:

1. Protects the GSA’s autonomy by recognizing that GSA members democratically determine the status of all fees associated with the GSA. The agreement recognizes the authority of graduate students in determining the future of the GSA. Language in the agreement establishes that the university administration or Board of Governors cannot unilaterally shut down the Association.

2. Does not give the university the ability to micromanage the GSA’s finances. While GSA members always have access to the GSA’s audited financial statements, the agreement establishes that the GSA will only provide the university with a reassurance letter from its auditor and schedules aimed at showing that all third party fees (i.e. OPIRG, The Leveller, Foot Patrol, etc.) and restricted fees (such as the Accessibility Fund) have been distributed and/or expensed accordingly.

3. The agreement establishes the formal procedures through which the Board of Governors will approve the collection of fees and the university will distribute them to the GSA. The approval mechanism is aimed at reassuring the Board of Governors that the procedures outlined in the GSA Constitution and By-Laws were followed. As such, it recognizes that it is the GSA membership that democratically determines the status of membership fees and not the university.

The GSA would like to thank everyone for their support. Your help has freed the fees!

Questions? Feel free to contact GSA President Kimalee Phillip at pres@gsacarleton.ca.

Click here to view the Joint Statement by Carleton University, CUSA, GSA Regarding Student Fees.

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