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Head-shot, first down.

Photo portrait of Katherine

Yesterday, I took a number of photos with my first model, Katherine, most of which turned out fairly well. It nearly didn't happen, after I was unceremoniously kicked-out of the room that I'd reserved at the University, an hour before we were even set to meet. Just another case of the left-hand (university security) not knowing what the right-hand (conference services) is doing. Fortunately, it was Saturday, and we were able to waltz into another empty classroom and take it over. :-D

In hindsight, it turns out that I'll need to work with this camera a little more; I'm not used to dealing with how much more sensitive it is than my old one. It's amazingly prone to jitter when operating at high-res, which means that I'll have to be careful in selecting manual settings, even when working with a tripod. I'll also have to squeeze the shutter-button reeeeallly careful-like, and pre-focus for safety. Ah yes, I'll also need to figure a better way of processing my processed images for the web - I'm losing detail with all the re-compession.

But, I've finished with the whole batch; so now it's off to DeviantArt, and onto the next shoot!

Edit: 'Just discovered where the E550's two-second delay function is hidden. Using a delay in tandem with shutter-priority mode should be more than enough to compensate for the jitters next time about. Always read the manual that comes with your new camera folks! ;-P

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