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Found my shiny new Kindle waiting for me on my desk when I got home today! I've been playing around with it this evening, trying to figure out how to best use it to read Jstor articles. It looks like, whether I drop the documents directly into the device via USB, or e-mail them through the Whispernet service, I'll still need to view the documents in landscape format. If I try to read them in book format, the text ends-up shrunk down to 7pt or lower, and me poor eyes aren't up to the strain anymore. Alas! Gone are the nights of reading comic books in the back of my parents station-wagon by the light of passing headlights...

There also seem to be a godawful number of public domain books up for grabs, including the Jowett translations of Plato's scribblings, naturally enough. E-books in Amazon's .azw format are much easier to read in the standard format, as one can actually control font-sizes, typefaces, and such.

I'm hoping that I'll find some Mac-compatible way to convert .pdf documents to .azw and thereby make reading .pdf documents all the more convenient. Still, even if not, just being spared the need too print out (and carry around!) dozens upon dozens of articles is a boon and a half.

Oh yes, and the Kindle has an annotation feature; book nerd heaven!

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