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Swing: Further signs of the apocolypse.

Strange as it may seem, my Saturday was not planned around a viewing of Yakitate!! Japan. In fact, my schedule included being available to supervise/teach a dance session within Concordia's Hall Building, working through my paper on female genital cutting, eating, and attending the McGill Swing Kids party at Gert's pub at 20h30.

The Gert's party, to be gentle, bored the frickin' hell out of me. The whole thing oozed about the same texture and volume of spirit and creativity as the typical group outing to "Harvey's", and I'd be surprised if many new people were inspired by the atmosphere. So, no good dancing, blasé music, no decent conversation, yadda yadda. For my part, I stuck around (and burned $7cdn) for the sake of fulfilling my promise to V.Chan to pop-by. After a couple of dances, helping J.F. meet a McGill girl he found cute, and chatting-up an attractive girl myself - but with whom I didn't find any spark - I gave-in to the siren call of the couch at the backend of the bar. "Screw-it!", she whispered to me, "Wait for V.Chan to finish-up... it'll only be a couple of hours."

A hardened hour of laying down, and contemplation ensued. V.Chan finished her exec duties at the door, got her bit of dancing in, and asked if I would mind leaving at around 12h30. (Yay!)

Anyhow, while we were walking her home, Ms.V mentioned that even she was getting tired of the same old thing within the swing scene, disappointment with how New Year's Eve was handled, and so forth. When coming from someone who's been dancing for about seven years, and who is one of the few experienced dancers still going out on a regular basis, that's pretty indicative of something bad.

At this point, I know more experienced dancers who are fed-up with the state of things in Montreal, than those who are content. I frankly don't know anyone who's really happy with it.

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