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Flowers, cupcakes, and other sweets

Can't quite remember what ought to be written down here. The day was completely acceptable. 'Was a bit too tired for reading Voegelin today; I'm thirty pages into volume five of O&H, and the going is slow. Prof. Emberley was gracious enough to agree to supervise a reading course structured around the book, which hopefully won't require the production of a paper anytime soon.

My memory has kicked in: Last Saturday was the occasion for another reading of the Hegel Book Club, wherein a bunch of academics get together for the purpose of sharing their feelings on the experience of whomping themselves in the head with a copy of the Phenomenology for a week. But I've already written something on that, I seem to recall.

More recently, while at the gym, I ran into J.Br. and the new baby. The babe's about five months old, going on six, and I ran into them while coming out of the changing room; the convocations were going on and I'd completely forgotten about them. F. was graduating, as was I.S-W. 'Didn't occur to me that friends other than J.E. had their convocation scheduled for that day. At any rate, J.Br. and I got a coffee at the Tim's, and chatted for awhile on this and that -- family stuff, comps, how much she hates ceremonies -- while staying clear of the bagpipes and the long-winded speeches. When things finished-up, F. found us outside. After a bit of debate, I followed them in to say hello to Prof. Darby, and another Prof whom I'm not familiar with, but whom F. had a lengthy conversation with. While that was transpiring, I fetched some cupcakes and fruit-cabobs for the bunch.

One cabob didn't survive the walk outside afterwards, and one cupcake suffered grave injuries. J.Br. let me know that they were planning a soirée at the beginning of July. I let her know that I'd make it back from vacation, and from the driving exam in St. Jerome, in time to attend.

J.B. and I also successfully conspired to have flowers sent to J.E, in lieu of her inability to attend her convocation. She's infinitely wonderful and deserving; accept no intimations to the contrary.

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