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Heller & Stambaugh

It is currently at a temperature of bloody hot in my bedroom. Therefor, this one shall be off to the local Chapters to read. While loitering about the Second Cup, I did manage to finish Heller's Catch-22, and skim through section 43 of B&E, which proved to be more of the warmed over ranting about the failings of Cartesianism which the reader ought to be quite familiar with after the previous forty-two sections. But Kant was kinda sorta okay, of course. But he was wrong and silly, cause he didn't think about time enough and took the being of Dasein for granted. Gotcha. No need to expound further. Shall we move along now?

And while we're at it, shall I admit to that most fundamental heresy? I've been reading the old Joan Stambaugh translation on my Kindle. Shocking, it's true. However, MacQuarrie can't parse English worth a damn, as far as I'm concerned, and I like to be able to get through entire paragraphs without having to mentally correct his grammar and sentence flow at every turn. Though, to be fair, Stambaugh's footnotes, at the best of times, vacillate between useless and utterly silly when they don't cause one to wonder if she's reading and commenting on a completely different book.

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