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(Taken from the Graduate Bulletin...)

Here's a bit of good news:

"Carleton University Provost and VP Academic, Peter Ricketts, has released the Working Group on International Recruitments’ report on a potential partnership between Carleton University and Navitas Corporation. This partnership would see the establishment of a privately run, for-profit, international pathways program on campus. You can find the report here.

GSA President, Elizabeth Whyte is a member of the Working Group on International Recruitment and would like to pass on the following message to all students:

I am pleased to see the report released with its key recommendation to NOT enter into such a partnership. In a recent email communication to faculty and staff, the Provost has stated his intention to engage in consultations with the Faculties regarding this report before making his recommendation regarding the final vote on whether to partner with Navitas in the Senate. I invite students to share their perspective on the potential partnership and the report. Since there appear to be no plans to hold student consultations please email Dr. Ricketts your feedback at provost@carleton.ca.

Feel free to contact myself if you have any questions regarding the report or the process by which it was developed. You can email me at pres@gsacarleton.ca.

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