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Histories, Gosick, & more histories...

Not a bad day today. Got to the gym, translated a passage supposedly ripped from the pages of Herodotus' Histories (likely dumbed down, though not terribly easy for all that), and managed to get an appointment with the sports clinic for next Tuesday, thereby providing the promise that my hip and or leg or back injury might finally get sorted out.

Am currently obsessively watching Gosick, a Japanese anime loosely inspired by the Doyle's mysteries of Sherlock Holmes, and set against the backdrop of the aftermath of the Great War. The part of "Holmes" is played by the bastard teenaged daughter of a European aristocrat, and Watson's role is taken by a Japanese schoolboy who's been put a bit outside his element.

Current reading includes:

  • Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years by Diarmaid MacCulloch (a gift from my supervisor)

  • The Path of Purification by Bhadantacariya Buddhaghosa

  • The Republic by Plato

  • The Tyranny of Pleasure by Jean-Claude Guillebaud

  • The Tacit Dimension by Michael Polanyi

  • Autobiographical Reflections by Eric Voegelin (because obviously there has been a surfeit of Voegelin in my life)

Sometimes, upon stepping back for a moment, it occurs to me that my reading habits might be a bit odd. The fact that I was reading six books at once came as a bit of a surprise, for instance...

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