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While we're vaugely on the topic of cancer, the breast-enabled twenty-one to twenty-two year-olds among you should definitely consider performing regular exams of yourselves. Having gone through one case of a girlfriend of the same age being diagnosed with Stage IIB, lymph-node invasive, ductal carcinoma, I can testify that is possible to lose a fair chunk of one's breast at a hideously young age. If nothing else, consider it an excuse to lay about on a Saturday afternoon, topless, and feel oneself up - or to have a significant other do it for you; really, when you think of it, there are worse things that you could be doing with your time (like dealing with the drainage tube that's dangling from your breast while attempting to do your laundrey).

Breast self-examination


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Feb. 17th, 2006 06:24 pm (UTC)
and now,.....
Great advise, but don't forget thous over 30
and, especially women on the pill.
If you do find something, don't 'freak', get to your doctor,
early detection greatly improves out-come, ignoring leads to tragety,
I know, I lost my best friend of 30yrs., mother of 5, because she was to afraid to go to doctor, or even tell her husband, by the time he saw her,
by accident(she'd been hiding herself,body), her breasts were BLACK, she died
3 days later, at the age of 38.
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