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Huntington's World

... While I'm at it, 'might as well add a link to this paper; "Huntington's World: A Potential Clash of Civilization Through Memespace":

"If you were to consult a newspaper in the modern era, you would be faced with a reoccurring theme when reading about the latest developments in international relations.

The theme, not surprisingly, is the dialectic of "us" and "them". That wouldn't prove to be particularly surprising to anyone who's lived their entire life in a world of sovereign nations. The 20th century alone is replete with examples of international conflict drawn across lines of nationality. What is becoming increasingly apparent, however, is a shift in the emphasis of the dialog from the topic of the nation-state to the supranational subject of "civilizations".

By following the implications of this dialog, the important players of the 21st century would be less the nations of Britain, France, or the United States, and increasingly the perceived conglomerations of those nations that are judged by the viewer (rightly or wrongly) to be of a common "type", or superset. In modern international conflicts, thus, the eye of the world may not see a conflict between the United States of America and Iraq, but instead a conflict between "The West" and "The Muslim World".

It is this transfer of the emphasis of international relations, in memespace, from the divisions between nations to the divisions between civilizations, that is the emphasis of this paper."

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