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The Summa before Xmas...

A few days left until Xmas, and I'm roughly two-thirds of the way through grading exams. One student came by my office to discuss his paper; he wants to write about the relationship between justice, law, and reason, as presented by St. Thomas Aquinas. We discussed how to write the paper in generalities -- the difference between an exegetical paper and a summary, between a demonstration and an opinion or position, and so on. The students were only given a twenty-page excerpt from the Summa Theologica, so writing a fourteen-page paper on the matter will be a bit challenging.

M.Mc came by as well. He was busy re-reading his dissertation, in advance of his defence tomorrow. I ought to be there for the event, barring misfortune or bus-strikes.

I went to the gym shortly after correcting my tenth exam. The curve is going to be a bit weird on this one, its seeming; a lot of "A"s, and a lot of "D"s and "F"s. The workout was quite enjoyable -- it's always pleasant to care for the body for the sake of the soul. My eye was wandering a bit though; I was getting a bit distracted by a young, twenty-something woman who was doing some unusual combination of yoga and pilates on one of the mats. Funny how even three years ago, that wouldn't really have distracted me in the least.

I think that I got checked-out in the shower again, this time by an older man whom I've chatted with before. It's hard to know whether that sort of thing is happening more frequently, or if I'm simply starting to notice more often; I've always been a bit oblivious to that sort of thing, whether it's coming from the fairer or the hairy sex. Still, it's the fifth or sixth time in the last three months or so that I've been checked out in either the sauna or the shower, and the second time in a week, which you would think would be statistically improbable, at the very least.

My Xmas plans are still a bit murky, though maybe a bit less so. I might be catching a bus to Montreal on the 23rd, and staying with Allie & Chris for a night or two; I'll only need to get someone to take care of the animals, and hopefully I can get a ride back with Dad & Jeff.

Anyways, I've meditated on contentment (a vipassana practice), have chatted with Allie over Skype, am presently sipping a camomile tea, on Wednesday, I ought to be having lunch with J. and Jess at the Market, and have a defence to attend tomorrow. All will be well.

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