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Xmas & Boxing Day

At the moment, I'm still feeling a bit tired and groggy after a long nap, due no doubt to the cold, and having done some necessary grocery shopping.

After having arranged caretakers for the animals, I caught the Greyhound to Montreal this past Friday to spend Xmas with my family. Arrived while A&C were out at a dinner with some Lebanese friends and Dad & J. were out shopping downtown. Surprised T.M. when I showed up at the back door; he's been promoted to the position of official babysitter of His Imperious Majesty of Tumultuous Tempers Tantrums.

'Slept downstairs on the couch and ottoman the two nights, and only got a few kinks in my back. The visiting dog, Piper, got a hold on a chewable toy or two during the grand-parental visitation, which caused a bit of consternation in the household, and His Majesty was quite the fount of bubbling snot. Actually a bug was going round the house generally, and Dad was sneezing excessively; no wonder then that I've come down with a bit of something. My sister, in the meantime, is hoping that Virginia will pop-out sometime before her birthday. Or really, anytime shortly.

Christmas dinner ended-up being at the in-laws, and was quite good. I was a bit surprised, though, when I received a gift from them, and a bit embarrassed as well. I hadn't purchased a thing for them, though, honestly, I wasn't really aware that we'd be having dinner there until the day before. I owe them something next year.

'Caught a lift to Summerstown, outside of Cornwall, with D&J after dessert, and we stayed overnight at my grandparents. More unexpected presents! 'Hadn't been expecting to visit there, either! Having received a lift back to O-Town noon the next day, I handed-off the Xmas gifts for everyone to D&J (I couldn't take them on the bus), right before they headed-off to visit Martin & Valerie. It seems that they'll spend a bit more time in this part of the country before heading home to Fredericton.

J.E. shall have headed-off on her flight back to Toronto this morning. Unfortunately, we didn't get together yesterday, because she too caught a head-cold, and was feeling achy! More's the pity; it would have been nice to sit down together for a while. We did get the trinity together on the Thursday a few days earlier, right before J's flight out to Calgary. We had lunch at Café Indochine, and desserts at the Market. More scribblings on that later, perhaps. Also need to scribble down my notes on M.Mc's dissertation defence at some point...

In lieu of seeing Jess, I did do a bit of Boxing Day shopping down at The Bay on Rideau, and picked-up a nice new pair of leather gloves (I lost one of my gloves in the new Greyhound terminal in Montreal), and a very nice, very dark-red dress shirt, at liquidation prices. Had a long conversation with the Professor as well. Not a bad day then, even if it was a bit Jess-deprived!

Edit: Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I actually finished a novel for the first time in month. It was Aravind Adiga's Between the Assassinations, and quite good, I thought. I'll also be experimenting with taking vitamin B12 complements for my memory, which Jess suggested to both of us over lunch. 'Still need to finish L'Ètranger, and have started reading something by Valéry.

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