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A dark hair

Written in response to a woman who asked me to relate to her my best first date experience. Long-time Friends can probably figure out who the girl is who I refer to...

...Originally I was going to say that it was the one and (thus far) only date that I had with a friend from university, a date which was quite intense. Now, though, I'd have to say that the best "date experience", one which has lasted with me most profoundly, was perhaps a non-date, as it was with a beautiful girl who was/is a very good friend of mine.

The two of us always had very nebulous relationship boundaries and were emotionally quite intimate. At one point, five or six years ago, after she'd broken up with her ex, I'd invited her out to a BBQ/pot-luck gathering at the newly bought home of newly-wedded friends in the West-end of Montreal, a home which came complete with an in-ground pool (now since filled-in for safety and financial reasons). She said yes, and we met up at the Metro, and were then pressed-up against each other quite tightly in the back-seat of compact car, after being picked-up by another acquaintance along with three others.

Many of the details of the gathering itself escape me at this point, but I do recall us quietly sitting up next to each other at one end of the pool; she'd asked if I'd like my towel, and brought over both it and her own before sitting with me. I recall that nebulous tension in the small space between us, while we sat with our legs in the water. But, the most vivid memory that I have, strangely enough, was gazing at her legs as we were there, and noticing that she'd missed a single, dark hair on her inner thigh when she'd shaven; she'd clipped the head off of it with the razor, but there was the body of it, still prominent. That lone, beheaded hair on her thing was endearing somehow, funny enough, and, in a strange way, maybe one of the most beautiful sights I've ever seen...

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