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The New Year

(Currently going through another cold. 'Picked this one up off of J, who was sneezing fits this past Friday. Apparently, it's a different strain from the one which found me in Montreal, given that I've been given no reprieve from any of the symptoms.)

And so here's what transpired on my New Year's Eve -- in a nutshell as it were, as I really wonder if I'd get the time and energy to fill anything larger, and it really would be good to commit more memories to writing than I have been:

This year was the first in a very long time that I hadn't spent the Eve and the Day in Montréal, among family, friends, the Dove, or some combination of those. I had been back for Christmas, and spent a couple of nights crashing on Allie's couch (and caught my last cold of the year off of boogerie little Gabe on the way out). But, after the brief stopover at my Grandparents, I was dropped-off at homebase in Ottawa.

While it was very nice to have the house to myself, and to have as much peace and alone time as I did (while I love my room-mates, I did need some time alone), I did, on the other hand, miss the birth of my niece, Virginia, on the 28th. It also meant ringing in the New Year in the nation's capital, when most of my friends, including J.B. and J.E, were out of town; while J.E. and I had intended to get together before she caught her flight back to Toronto, she herself was suffering through a head-cold that took her on her birthday/Xmas. She did have a safe trip back, though, which is great (it was her first flight ever!) and was reunited with her dau a day or a few later, I believe; the ex had custody over part of the holidays, and so Leila spent part of the time elsewhere, and the paternal gradparents'. Back in T.O. or Windsor, was it?

Thus, at any rate, I did not spend New Year's Eve at Cat's Corner in Montreal, as on so many previous years (when somebody, such as myself, took the initiative to organize it). But, my friend and former room-mate, Sven, did put together something at the Atomic Rooster up on Bank Street: a blues and swing dance.

Long story short ('still have to fit it in the nutshell, after all), it was quite a decent night. Sven was a bit hopped-up on cold medication for a good bit of the night, but that didn't impede his DJing duties. I got a free piece of strawberry cheesecake out of the deal, after Manuel and Tara-Lee left early, had a couple of pints, and quite a slow dances. Two young women, were sorry to see me leave early (I intended to be home around midnight, in case somebody from my family called).

One in particular, N, was very appreciative, and very sorry that I left before midnight. I was in such a rush, and so set on my course, that it didn't occur to me until I was half-way across town that she likely would have happily shared a kiss at midnight. Ah well. I'll likely be running into her again the next time I'm out dancing; we'll see how that stands. The other girl, A, who apparently works at the Second Cup on Laurier, was also a bit disappointed, which surprised me a bit. She might have been playing hard to get, I suppose.

'Didn't quite make it home before midnight, as I missed the connecting bus out of Greenboro. But, I did manage to send off a few celebratory text-messages. First to J, at midnight, then A-M, then J.E, G.T, F.S, E.G, and a whole slew of others. 'Even received a few back, though J. didn't get hers until she got back into town. The last event of the evening was a Skype call from F.S&A. -- whom I didn't even know were back in town -- and that's about all I recall off hand... Must go off and fold laundry now, and pray to Asclepius that I'll be able to breathe through my nose tonight.

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