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Socrates, Metta, and The Bard

Wow. So somehow, in spite of fighting perpetual grogginess all weekend, this one managed to edit his thesis proposal presentation notes for Tuesday, and translate a page of The Apology into English, which leaves only a page (or two to three hours work) to complete before Thursday. 'Had been feeling a bit off by the end of Friday's reading of Henry V, but hadn't expected to be fighting the urge to sleep for the two following days, after taking most of that day off; I'd been drinking tea like a fiend simply to keep on top of things, which I completely failed at on Saturday, regardless. Most of that day was whittled away watching anime, while waiting for wakefulness to find its way to me. Both J. and E.G. made it to the Friday festivities, though, which was a treat. J. in particular was quite chipper and stole the scene as she played the part of most of the French scoundrels and damsels to the hilt; it made a heart glad to see her enjoying herself so much!

Metta has been given as the meditation object for the week, which has proven... challenging. The first stage tends to trip this one up more than the later ones. Extending loving-kindness to someone loved, or even to someone "challenging", forever proves more natural than to certain others.

'Shall need to stop-by the barber on another day; they apparently close on Sundays now. 'Did manage to pick-up a few odds and ends, though, including some much needed socks, printer-paper, and a new night-shirt, all at a bargain. Three more papers to grade, and two to account for...

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