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Of snow, schooling, and side-shows.

Alright, so, tonight's events have been called on account of the weather; several centimeters of snow have been dumped on the roads, and more than one bus failed to make its appointed rounds. After waiting for forty-five minutes, it seemed best to give up on the dream of making it to the Shambhala Centre on time. At best, it seemed as if I might make the seven o'clock train... which would thus be departing the station right when the level four class was set to begin. Never mind that, then!

The middle stretch of reading week was spent in Montréal with Allie and co. I got to meet Virginia, see Gabe, chat with Allie & Chris, and observe the finer points of sibling rivalry and of fratricidal passions. 'Also got peed on by Ginny for the first time. There was also the occasion to get together with Marc for a post-thirtieth-birthday get-together. We sat and talked at the Café Depot next to Concordia for quite a bit about the question of human nature from both the neuropsychological and the philosophic standpoint. Marc's most interesting revelation, though, was that he's now seriously thinking about going to university at Concordia or McGill, of eventually pursuing graduate studies and going into research. Quite the change...

Allie, the infants and I did manage to get out of the house a couple of times while Chris was at work as well; to Place Montreal Trust on the first occasion (I wanted to check around Winners for a decent pair of pants; no luck), and to Place des Artes on the second.

While the second trip was prompted by the need to pick up Ginny's passport (the whole company has gone down to Florida for a four week vacation) it ended with a quite audible bang. The bunch of us stopped in at the St. Hubert's for lunch, and previous to my leaving. Gabe, as is his wont, made quite a mess of himself (particularly with the ice-cream which he received for dessert). As is also his wont, he threw a fit when Allie tried to clean him up, which ultimately consisted in him launching himself out of his chair, and slamming his head into the the metal sill of the window next to which we'd been seated. Good times.

No concussions were had, in spite of Gabe's best efforts at causing himself permanent brain trauma.

Edit: Ah yes, also spent a bunch of time correcting papers; very good times. It's also strange to note that both Allie and I (and possibly the kids) were having the most noticeable trouble with our sinuses when we were in the upstairs living room; Allie might be on to something regarding dust from the unsealed bricks.

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