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Ironing, Greek, & BBQ

Lord, I really haven't gotten to like ironing pants. Shirts I'm okay with, but ironing dress pants still proves a source of frustration. At least I finally discovered the manual steam feature on the iron proper.

The last few days were quite packed. First was the Thursday-night BBQ at John and Taylor's abode in the Glebe, in honour of T.L's brief visit; he was in-town to deal with some correcting for Prof. MacLean's third-year course in feminism, and was back off to Calgary sometime today. Then was the launch of the Classics Society's undergraduate journal on Friday, to which Miss S.G. had invited me. It's a bit too bad that S, is in a relationship at the moment; I'm duly impressed with her, and haven't minded at all the time we've spent together this semester, during & after Greek. She can also cut quite the figure in a black dress and heels when she wants to.

Saturday night was the indoor BBQ at home, with the room-mates and their mutual biology friends. That was also a good night; it was a different sort of intellectual conversation than I typically end-up in, and it's good to hear some genuine scientific discussion again. The many Tales From the Field are also a great bonus feature of hanging-about with a bunch of bio-grads.

Meditation continues, though I missed this past Thursday's class, due to the BBQ for Tiago. 'Should be off to Montreal on Wednesday for the Taylor conference at McGill; 'shall be getting a lift from Adrian after discussion groups. 'Ought also to remember to mention it to J; she might want to hitch a ride with us, if her schedule allows.

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