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If wishes were horses, as they say...

It would be quite nice to not feel hideously angry for a few hours.

On the upside of things, after applying all of my tax-credits, I only (apparently) owed the governments a total of $227.00 or so; that's despite having not having any taxes withheld at the source. Thus, a large sum of cash (well, large by my limited standards) sits idle in my chequing account: enough to pay off my line-of-credit, take a modest vacation, and possibly replace my incredibly aged e-Mac. Of course I'll also have to pay for movers at some point, which means that I might not quite have the cash for a new computer. Unless the award money from the Voegelin series finally gets passed on to me, after a now two-year wait...

Speaking of which, I'll be needing to get in touch with Prof. Emberley, and Prof. Darby. 'Really need to get all sorts of things sorted out, but I've been having an awful time concentrating these past few days; my mind keeps wandering onto angry things. But among other things, I need to organize a thesis proposal defense committee with Prof. Emberley, and to ask Prof. Darby if he'd supervise a reading tutorial to help complete my course-credit requirements. 'Haven't the foggiest notion what the tutorial would be focused on; I keep changing my mind. But I'm pretty sure that Kuhn is too boring and silly to bother with.

'Shall be getting together with G.T. for lunch tomorrow, which ought to be nice. I ran into him in the tunnels the other day, on his way to the Tim's in University Centre; we talked a bit about the letter which I'd written to Prof. Poirier regarding Clark Merill's article on Leo Strauss and Christianity.

Well, upon reflection, and having had dinner, I'm not feeling quite as angry at moment. Maybe beggars really do have horses....

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