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Meetings, meetings, meetings...

(Really feel like updating this thing tonight; it's been a busy week...)

Monday: Meeting with Professor Emberley, during which I forgot to ask him to assign me a grade for the reading course from last Summer. However, we did have a conversation about my publication prospects, to which I was instructed to submit my Master's thesis for review and publication at U. of Missouri Press, and elsewhere. As well, the Professor offered to go over a paper on George Grant which I'd written a few years ago. Other than that, we spent most of the three hours discussing his work on the Baul and Baharuby (sp?), and the general disintegration of Hindu civilization which he's observed over the last few years.

Tuesday: Coffee with G.T. We met at my office, where I'd been slowly correcting papers, and originally planned to get a coffee at Roosters. But, S.T. txted to say that she wasn't feeling well, so I followed along for the ride as G. drove her back home. Along the way, we all debated the educational quality of the political economy course which G. was T.Aing for (dreadful), the quality of work in I.R. "theory" (doubly dreadful), and miscellaneous other topics (not dreadful). During the drive, I soaked in the view of the Ottawa River as we crossed, and the general scenery of Gatineau as we passed through.

We stopped briefly at a friends house to pick-up a couple of books, before dropping S. off at home. That being done, G. and I headed to the Bridgehead on Wellington near Garland. G. ordered a tea, while I felt the need to imbibe a coffee in order to sustain a conversation. We discussed hockey, Polanyi, student government, Strauss, reason v. revelation in the understanding of the moderns, and probably a million other things. It was a good conversation, but I felt drained at the end of the day.

Wednesday: More correcting. Also, date night with a quite intelligent and cute neurobiologist from the U. of Ottawa by the name of Devon. We talked about her interests and mine, and her work and mine, for about three hours. We'd both like to get together again. I've e-mailed her to suggest getting a bite to eat next week.

Thursday: Too tired to do anything. Or remember anything. Vaguely remember going to school, and getting some cleaning and paperwork done. Tossed-out quite a few stacks of papers which were cluttering my shelves. Spent most of the rest of the time crashed-out at Rooster's with a tea, people watching and napping. Might have spent some time that evening watching "Game of Thrones".

Friday: Still tired. Got no correcting done (probably, I don't recall). Went to the University for the sake of attending the GSA meeting. Ran into A.G. when I popped into Rooster's for a bagel-sandwich, so we got a table together, whereupon we talked a bit about the problems she's been having with the paper she's working on.

Almost provoked a controversy at the GSA meeting, but that bit of storytelling can wait till later, as can the breakdown of tonight's "Theory Mafia" party at Ryan and Andrew's...

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